About us
Our group focuses on development of new semipassive UHF RFID systems. Our vision is to develop a technology that will allow for unique identification, proximity detection and localization of the objects and people. The technology will improve existing applications and will be one of the stepping stones for an “Internet of things” application. In “Internet of things,” objects will be intelligent, able to interact among themselves and with people, and will be connected to the network. The objects will be able to locate themselves and to locate other objects that they detect.
Besides this project we are involved in or completed a number of projects including:
  • Development of semipassive UHF tags
  • Localization of passive and semipassive systems
  • Low frequency RFID systems for detection underground objects
  • Development of active RFID tags for tracking Alzheimer patients
Project that we have been involved cover a number of applications and markets including:
  • Mining service industry application
  • Forensic applications (labeling and tracking objects during the CBRN events)
  • Long-term care centres and veteran’s homes
  • Warehouse applications
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Latest News
Gen2 Listener project has been finnished
Alexey Borisenko has developed a Gen2 listener called ARR to receives tag and reader signals, which are decoded by an FPGA and the results are reported through Ethernet