Current Projects
Semipassive RFID system for Internet-of-things
In this project we will design novel RFID tag that will be able to listen to communication between RFID readers and tags based on EPCGlobal Class 1 Generation 2 protocol. The focus is on low power and low cost design so that this tag can become ubiquitous and supplied with standard UHF systems
Proximity-detection-based Augmented RFID System Simulator (PASS)
Proximity-detection-based Augmented RFID System Simulator (PASS) framework is a MATLAB-based time-domain system level simulator designed for UHF RFID. The simulation framework includes the model of UHF passive tag, reader, channel, as well as our recently developed semi-passive sensatag.

Finished Projects
Using RFID technology for mining services applications
Alain Tran- In this project, we are working on a novel approach that will address several important problems in mining service industries. The approach is based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.
Augmented RFID UHF C1G2 system
The purpose of the project was to develop a receiver that will enable several new RFID applications that are not available with current RFID systems. The receiver, named ARR (Augmented RFID Receiver) receives tag and reader signals, which are decoded by an FPGA and the results are reported through Ethernet.
Microcontroller-base Semipassive UHF RFID tag
In this project, a prototype of a semi-passive UHF RFID tag was developed that is compatible with the leading UHF RFID standard EPCglobal Gen 2 Class 1.
Active RFID tags for eloping prevention
The goal of this project is to develop an active RFID system for preventing eloping of Alzheimer patients in long term care centres.