Using RFID technology for mining services applications
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The purpose of the project was to develop a low-frequency Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) system for mining services applications including inventory management of detonators and boosters, retrieval of the detonator or explosive materials in case of misfire.
Several studies have been performed including study of safety regulations and study of applicable RFID and wireless technologies for mining services.
Simulations for the development of reader loop antennas at different RFID frequencies such as 125 kHz, 1 MHz and 13.56 MHz have been performed with different shapes like octagonal and circular as well as with different physical dimensions and different material thickness. The target was to identify the most sensitive and suitable antenna which can improve the reading range at the above mentioned frequencies. A number of antennas for the RFID tags and readers were designed with the purpose of increasing the reading range of RFID systems. Field experiments with commercial RFID systems were performed in summer and fall of 2010. We replaced the antennas of commercial RFID readers with antennas designed in our Lab in order to achieve longer reading distance. The experiments showed that low frequency RFID technology is suitable for this application.

The project was funded by NSERC CRD and Orica Inc.
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Using RFID technology for mining services applications
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