Active RFID tags for eloping prevention
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The goal of this project is to develop an active RFID system for preventing eloping of Alzheimer patients in long term care centres. Eloping of Alzheimer patients is dangerous and can result in emotional distress, injuries or death of the residents. It is also costly because it requires involvement of search and rescue services as well as health related expenses. Therefore it is in best interest of both resident homes and families of residents with Alzheimer disease to support a system that will prevent eloping.
A number of systems for wandering prevention already exist. Even though Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based systems are consider to be most technologically advanced, they are not well accepted by the residents because of the size of the active wristbands RFID tags. Having large RFID tags on their hands looks intrusive and many patients are trying to remove them by force. Retirement homes complain about very high price of these systems as well as the price of individual tags. Therefore, we propose here to design active tag that will be much smaller and less expensive.
The project is funded by NSERC Engage grand and supported by Zodiac Light Wave. Hassan Roshan will do his M.Sc. thesis project in this field of research.
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